Spring Weekend Authors in the News

Fatima Bhutto The Guardian.jpgFatima Bhutto's The Runaways gains gleaming review in The Guardian

"As real-life British-born 'jihadi brides' plead their right to return home, this novel seems more pertinent than ever"

"this is a bold and probing novel, from a writer strikingly alert to something small and true: the disquietude of youth, the vulnerability and the foolishness – and how catastrophically it can be exploited."

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Frankopan Channel 4.pngBrexit vs the world: Is Britain too self-obsessed? - Peter Frankopan on Channel 4

"So we're supposed to be United Kingdom, it's even in our branding and yet we have half the population who basically thinks the other half are mad. And I think if you are a disruptive state, if you are growing, and if you are trying to take market share away from people, seeing other people go through existential crisis can be very useful. And so, there are lots of parts of the world that I think are rubbing their hands, at the fact that we don't know if we're coming or going."

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Fiona Razvi Niick Gregan 2.jpg

Festival Director Fiona Razvi talks to Jumoke Fashola and David Grant on BBC Radio London

"Part of the point of the event is that you're not just hearing about the book but you've got a chance to question the author or the writer about it. The events give that space, they give that time that you can come back and ask about it. But I think, when you hear from these great minds like Julian Baggini or Peter Frankopan, they can often simplfy things that you couldn't just get yourself, so I think thats the beauty of it, is that your'e hearing from these great minds and great writers but they are making them accessible"

Listen to the whole interview here, from 1hr 26 & 1hr 35.


Lotharingia Jacket cropped.jpgSimon Winder's Lotharingia reviewed in the Evening Standard

"It was Winston Churchill who in a moment of bleak candour during the depths of the Second World War observed: 'Of all the crosses I have to bear none is more onerous than the cross of Lorraine.' He was referring of course to De Gaulle and the truculent Free French, but Simon Winder reminds us that Lorraine, or rather Lotharingia, as he correctly if ponderously calls it, refers to something bigger than that, an area of the continent which our school history books dubbed the 'cockpit of Europe'."

"Winder’s contribution to this ‘school’ of history will no doubt be appreciated by a post-Brexit audience anxious to have their stereotypes of ‘funny’ Europeans confirmed"

Simon Winder joins us part of out Prospect Brexit panel on the 17th March.

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gina miller news.jpg

Could Gina Miller’s next move compel the EU to delay Brexit?

"Having used the courts in 2017 to give parliament a say in the triggering of article 50, Miller is now, I gather, seeking to reframe the way in which Westminster and Brussels contemplate the possibility of its extension. Armed with a legal opinion written by Kieron Beal QC and three other senior lawyers, the co-founder of the pro-remain campaign Lead Not Leave will argue that the EU council of ministers could itself, unilaterally, extend the article 50 deadline." - Matthew d'Ancona The Guardian

Gina Miller joins us on the 15th March.

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Michael Fuller54.jpg

Michael Fuller in the Evening Standard

"Ex-Met Police constable suggests black officers are overlooked for top jobs due to 'subtle racism'"

"Michael Fuller, a former senior Met officer, who was promoted to chief constable of Kent in 2004, said the issue was not a shortage of talented black and ethnic minority officers in the police.

Now retired from policing, Mr Fuller said: 'I know lots of talented people from ethnic minority backgrounds who could easily be running police services. I cannot see any good reasons why those officers have not become chiefs of police.'”

Michael Fuller comes to Spring Weekend on the 16th March.

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