We need your support!


You can make a one-off donation to help Wimbledon BookFest’s work in the local community, which includes:

Supporting literacy across Merton and South London.

Every year over 15,000 children attend our events with authors or take part in our literacy projects. Our focus is very much on disadvantaged communities and we ensure that every child who comes to one of our events leaves with a copy of the book. That’s over 7,500 books every year.

Bringing world-class authors and speakers into the local community.

From writers including Nobel Prize Winner, Abdulrazak Gurnah to former Prime Minister David Cameron and writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch, modern thinkers, artists, musicians and more, Wimbledon BookFest’s team strives to bring the very best of global art and culture into Merton.

We can’t do it alone.