Book Event


Jane Thynne and Aliya Ali-Afzal

Take Two Fiction Writers

In Conversation with Gemma Malley

Saturday 12th June 2021, 1-2pm

Robert Graves Tent


Two local authors – one the author of many books and the other about to be published - talk new books, finding a literary agent and how to navigate the world of publishing.

Jane Thynne was a BBC and print journalist before her career writing fiction. Her latest book Widowland is published under the pseudonym CJ Carey and is an alternative history with a strong feminist twist - set in London during the coronation of Elizabeth II under Nazi rule. Aliya Ali-Afzal's debut novel is represented by top literary agent Juliet Mushens. Would I Lie To You, set in Wimbledon, is about a woman who has secretly spent her family’s emergency savings fund and must replace the money fast.

This event will cover writing, feminism, storytelling and how to get and stay published.

Chaired by Gemma Malley, writer and chair of Wimbledon BookFest.

Ticket price includes a copy of one of the writers' books - one each per pair of tickets purchased (Hb: £14.99/£18.99).

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