Tuesday 25 June

Venki Ramakrishnan

Why We Die: And How We Live
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 The New Science of Ageing and Longevity

Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologist and former president of the Royal Society shares his major exploration of the science of why and how we age and die. Discussing his enthralling new book with clarity and wit, Venki Ramakrishnan will transform our understanding of aging, death, and whether there’s anything we can do about it. Along the way he will cover a huge range of biology, evolution, genetics, chemistry and medicine in an eminently accessible manner.  Don’t miss this chance to join one of our leading public intellectuals to discover more about what we have to gain as well as what we might have to lose, and most important of all: how can we increase our chances of living long, healthy and fulfilled lives?

Running time: 1 hour

Part of King’s Arts 2024

Tuesday 25 June 2024
6:30 pm
£ 22.50 - £ 40.00
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