The Marvellous Myth Hunter – Children’s Event

Sunday 22 October

The Marvellous Myth Hunter – Children’s Event

In the Beginning

Love heroes, monsters and mythical tales? Dust off your maps and strap on your jetpacks for a journey around the world at our storytelling event.

We’ll travel to ancient Congo to meet a god with an upset stomach, dodge the foul ice giants of Norse mythology, and voyage to the lands of the Anishinaabe in Canada. Bring your best adventure outfit and join us for daring escapes, sword fights, weird creatures, interactive games and the chance to become an honorary member of The Myth Hunter Academy.

Suitable for everyone aged 5-11 with a thirst for perilous inter-continental adventure, and their families and familiars.

Presented by Weird Folk

Sunday 22 October 2023
10:30 am
£ 7.50