Lewis Dartnell

This is a past event and is no longer available for booking - please head to our What's On page for our current programme

Monday 16 October

Lewis Dartnell

How Our Biology Shaped World History
Portrait of Lewis Dartnell

Professor Lewis Dartnell captivates with his brilliant blend of science and big history, looking at how our bodies – in all their miracles and flaws – helped forge world history.

From the Black Death ending feudalism to haemophilia undermining royal families across Europe and scurvy inadvertently giving rise to the Mafia, we are the sum of our frailties and faculties. Our biology has shaped our relationships, societies, economies and wars. This event reframes human history and the way we see the world.

‘Illuminating.’ – Tim Marshall

Monday 16 October 2023
6:00 pm
£ 12.50