Henry Marsh

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Saturday 14 October
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Henry Marsh

And Finally
Book Cover for And Finally, A Neurosurgeon's Reflections On Life by Henry Marsh

Neuroscientist and bestselling author of Do No Harm explores what happens when someone who has spent a lifetime on the frontline of life and death finds himself contemplating what might be his own death sentence.

Henry Marsh returns to BookFest with his masterful meditation on mortality and the importance of a life well lived. He will discuss the transition from doctor to patient, the inconvenience of illness, the mysteries of science and the brain and what it is that really matters in the end.

‘A close and courageous look at the prospect of death by someone who has seen it more clearly and more often than most of us.’ – Phillip Pullman

Journalist Sam Carlisle will be interviewing Henry Marsh.

Saturday 14 October 2023
2:00 pm
£ 15.00