Edward Stourton

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Monday 16 October
Portrait of Edward Stourton

Edward Stourton

Book Cover of Confessions, by Edward Stourton

Respected journalist and broadcaster of over forty years Edward Stourton reflects on the life he has led and the events that have shaped him.

As a young journalist, Edward reported first from party conferences and picket lines and then from war zones, witnessing the events making international headlines before returning home to join on BBC Radio 4’s Today. Brought face to face with the author of his obituary and his own inevitable mortality, he reminisces with candour, humour and insight.

‘He has led a life in full – and has the brainpower to analyse it all with wit and perspective.’ – Nicholas Coleridge

Edward will be in conversation with journalist and festival patron Stefan Stern.

Monday 16 October 2023
6:00 pm
£ 15.00 - £ 17.50