David Baddiel

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Sunday 22 October
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Portrait of David Baddiel
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David Baddiel

The God Desire
Book Cover of The God Desire by David Baddiel

Stand-up comedian, activist and presenter David Baddiel isn’t afraid of a big question, and his latest book – The God Desire – asks one of the biggest: does God exist?

Despite a lifetime of fantasising about the existence of God, Baddiel has concluded that it’s that very desire that proves God’s non-existence. With openness and vulnerability, Baddiel – whose career also includes writing novels for adults and children – contributes to one of the most ancient of debates with his trademark wit, honesty and humour.

‘Magnificent. Breathtaking.’ – Stephen Fry

David will be in conversation with broadcaster, journalist and festival patron Samira Ahmed.

Sunday 22 October 2023
2:30 pm
£ 15.00