Chris Bryant & Ian Dunt

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Wednesday 18 October
Politics & Current Affairs

Chris Bryant & Ian Dunt

Fixing Westminster
Headshot of Chris Bryant
Book Cover of Code of Conduct, Why We Need to Fix Parliament by Chris Bryant
Headshot of Ian Dunt
Book Cover of How Westminster Works... And Why it Doesn't by Ian Dunt
Two Westminster insiders are joined by locally born and raised campaigner and parliamentary candidate Polly Billington to discuss how parliament might – at last – get its house in order.

Leading MP Chris Bryant, political journalist and broadcaster Ian Dunt, together with Polly, a former BBC journalist , ex-government special adviser and current Hackney councillor, will examine every angle of parliamentary conduct to show how we got where we are today and how to drag Westminster out of the current corrosive political culture.


‘A real eye-opener about the state of British politics today’ – Bill Browder


Wednesday 18 October 2023
6:00 pm
£ 15.00