Why We Grow

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Sunday 22 October
Health & Wellbeing

Why We Grow

Alice Vincent & Claire Ratinon talk to Maya Thomas
Headshot of Claire Ratinon holding a chicken
Book Cover of Unearthed by Claire Ratinon
Portrait of Alice Vincent
Book Cover for Why Women Grow by Alice Vincent

Unstereotypical gardeners Alice Vincent and Claire Ratinon discuss their relationships with nature with herbologist Maya Thomas.

Alice and Claire look to the natural world to reconsider our histories, the way we think about gardening and growing and the complex relationships we all have with the land. This event promises to bring a little bit of the outside in to nourish, connect and heal and teach us how to cultivate on our own terms.

‘Shows the beauty and spirit of tending the soil.’ – Katherine May

Maya Thomas is a herbologist, writer, workshop facilitator and creative consultant specialising in plant medicine, food and growing.

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Sunday 22 October 2023
12:00 pm
£ 12.50