Intro to University at Roehampton

Our Intro to University Day is one of the highlights of our education programme for both students and teachers.

“Inspiring, informative and engaging”

Our Sixth Form Open Day gives students the chance to experience student life for themselves. The day includes talks from leading authors and academics, tours of the beautiful Roehampton campus with current students, and a book from one of the speakers. Teachers told us that the day “showed students that it isn’t scary” and provided them with “a chance to see what possibilities there are when you go to University.”


Read more about this year’s fantastic speakers:
Tatton Spiller

Tatton Spiller is the founder of Simple Politics, helping millions of young people to engage with politics, and regularly talks on TV and radio.

Politics, But Better: An A-Z guide to creating a more hopeful future

Politics, But Better is an essential guide to the challenges that face the UK today, and a hopeful guide to building a better Britain.

Subhadra Das

Subhadra Das is a writer, historian and comedian who looks at the relationship between science and society.

Uncivilised: 10 Lies That Made The West

Uncivilised examines and challenges the accepted ideas that shaped Western society, asking the question: is the West as civilised as it likes to think it is?

Dr Kathryn Harkup

Dr Kathryn Harkup is a well-known science communicator, who explore the science of popular culture, as well as general and medical science.

A is for Arsenic

Using accessible explanations and references to popular culture, Dr Kathryn’s books explore topics such as poisons and medicines, the periodic table and more.

Nicky Hayes

Nicky Hayes is a well-established psychologist and author, and President of the British Psychological Society.

A Little History of Psychology

A Little History of Psychology is the story of psychology across centuries and around the world, introducing key thinkers, concepts and experiments that are fundamental to the subject

Mary L. Shannon

Mary Shannon is a cultural historian, writer and broadcaster whose work is about Regency and Victorian popular culture, fiction, plays and press.

In her session, Mary will be sharing the project she is developing for schools about the King of the Beggars, Billy Waters. Students will have the opportunity to give feedback on the project and join in discussions about how we tell stories and who is included.

Dr Sandradee Urquhart

Dr Sandy Urquhart is a qualified Barrister-in-Law and Senior Lecturer who teaches on the undergraduate programme on Law of Contract as well Corporate Finance.

Contract Law in the Modern World

This session will focus on the increased control that contracts have these days, especially with the ease at which contract formation is carried out and entered into every day with one click.

Lilian DaSilva

Lilian is a Senior lecturer in Architectural Technology. Lilian’s work has focused on project such as architecturally driven low-energy buildings and whole-life carbon strategies.

Designing Buildings for Climate Emergency

This sessions will show some factors that an interdisciplinary team need to consider while designing a building to avoid the effects of climate change.

Luke Cox

Luke Cox is a lecturer in Clinical Skills and Simulation. He works in a team that helps nurses learn by using simulated hospital wards and robotic patients.

What do Nurses Do All Day?

Luke will discuss what nursing is in real life, what learning to be a nurse is like, and will teach some of the assessment skills nurses use every day. He’ll also introduce you to one of his robotic patients, a manikin, used in healthcare education.

Dr. Anita McGowan MBE

Dr Anita McGowan is Senior Lecturer in Business Management & HR and has worked at board level for renowned firms such as Clifford Chance and Slaughter & May.

Social Media in the World of Business

In this taster session we will explore a couple of the most noteworthy benefits of social media marketing including Audience Research and Brand Identity.

Dr Mastaneh Davis & Dr Ogechukwu Okonor

Dr Mastaneh Davis has over 16 years teaching experience and has engaged in research and teaching in domains of Cryptography, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. Dr Ogechukwu Okonor is an IT professional whose current research interests include cybercrime and cybersecurity awareness in communities.

Exploring Cyber Security and Computer Science: The Code Gaming

This dynamic taster session designed to introduce students with real-world applications of computer science and cyber security through engaging and interactive activities.