University of Roehampton Partnership

The University of Roehampton is a key partner with Wimbledon BookFest. As part of our partnership Wimbledon BookFest gives Roehampton students a wide range of work and volunteer opportunities. Here we showcase some of the amazing things the students have created and achieved with the Festival.

Opportunities for Students


Festival Times Levison Wood.jpg

Over the past two years, journalism students have been covering BookFest events for our Festival Times. In 2019 students covered a range of events including Levison Wood, Nadiya Hussain and Kamal Ahmed. The articles are very varied in approach, some write about their personal reaction to the event while others report the action as it happened.
Click here to read this year’s articles.

Pictured: Levison Wood at Wimbledon BookFest 2019.

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Internships and Work Experience

Wimbledon BookFest offers a range of internships for University of Roehampton Students. Our Santander internship is open to students from the department of English and Creative Writing and gives students the opportunity to experience ‘hands on’ whats involved inrunning a leading literary festival and the world of publishing. Interns have gone on to launch successful careers with companies including Penguin Random House, Hachette & BBC News.

Sydney: "I started volunteering at Wimbledon BookFest in 2015 after hearing about the opportunity through the English Department. In 2016 returned as a Team Leader, then in 2017 I applied for a 6-month internship working in the office on the festival’s digital media. Since then I have worked as the festival’s Digital Content Manager, and now as Festival Executive. Wimbledon BookFest has given me never-ending opportunities to expand my knowledge and gain experience in the areas I am interested in pursuing." CLICK HERE TO SEE SYDNEY'S FILM

Pictured: Roehampton graduate Sydney recevies a prize at Time & Leisure culture awards.

crew.jpgFilm and Photography

Each year we invite student photographers and videographers to capture our events and the atmosphere of the festival. Photographers are able to work with our professional portrait and event photographers. Film students have gained interviews with authors such as Reggie Yates & Johnny Ball.

Click here to watch 'Behind BookFest 2019' created by Caitlin, Saira and Gregory.
Click here to watch Ola and Riley's film about Wimbledon BookFest 2018.

Students also take part in our Video Relay Training Scheme. Our Production Partners Clownfish Events train students to operate the cameras onsite.

Els.JPGVolunteers and Team Leaders

Wimbledon BookFest asks for students to volunteer at the festival to assist with the running of events. It is a great way to help the festival while also getting a taste of what BookFest is all about. Past stewards often return as Team Leaders who manage groups of volunteers and are responsible for overseeing the set up of the tents for each event.

Pictured: Third from left, Els, Team Leader and University of Roehampton Undergraduate.