VIP Benefactors Circle

The VIP Benefactors Circle is a unique group of individuals committed to supporting Wimbledon BookFest. It offers the opportunity to support our success, develop a more intimate relationship with the producers of the Festival and access a range of exclusive benefits.
WBF21 VIP Benefits graphic01.jpg

Membership Circle Options:

Bronze: £500 pa (or £50 per month)
Silver: £1,000 pa (£85 per month)
Gold: £5,000 pa
Platinum: £10,000 pa



Email: Mandy Mallen at: to find out more
about joining or Click on the amount below to make payment and join NOW

* BRONZE - £500
Click Here

* SILVER - £1000
Click Here

* GOLD - £500
Click Here

* PLATINUM - £10,000 Click Here

NB: Payments made online are through PayPal to Wimbledon Arts (our charity name) and can made through your bank or preferred debit/credit card.

Joining this group allow individuals access to exclusive benefits and opportunities while supporting the future of Wimbledon BookFest financially.


Helping to continue to build the festival for the future and attract the biggest names and the widest possible audience, as well as supporting our important outreach work in schools across our South London.