Quotes that Slayed.

Slay in your lane pic.JPG

Natasha Cellupica-Towers, Journalism Undergraduate, University of Roehampton

What an inspirational talk by a duo of empowered black women. Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke have been juggling event after event since the huge success of their new book Slay in Your Lane. The book is a tool box, empowering and encouraging black women across the country since its release in July 2018. There was total silence in the room as they spoke, each word being swallowed up by the audience of young women. Here are 5 of the quotes from the talk which I think completely “slayed”.

5. “It’s better to be disliked for what you are, than liked for what you’re not”

One of the best things about Yomi and Elizabeth, was their unshaken determination to be purely honest about their experiences. They reminisced about their university years, explaining that they became friends after their mutual determination to stay original, independent and unique. The young girls in the audience watched with un-faltering focus as Elizabeth spoke about how important it is to do something different, her eyes pleading for the girls to have faith in her.

4. “Just keep going and have faith in yourself”

Elizabeth admitted that although it seems “cheesy”, this would be her advice for her younger self. She addressed the audience directly, clearly seeing a reflection of herself in the young faces looking up at her. She admitted that, although there will be hurdles, “confidence can change your life in a way that money can’t”.

3. “We see ourselves as very hard working, very tenacious, but we are just very normal girls”

A reoccurring subject that the girls touched on was their determination that they’re just “normal girls”. Their relatability was a breath of fresh air. Young women in the audience laughed and nodded as Yomi described charmingly honest aspects of her life including living with her mum and relating to her experiences as a young black woman in London.

2. “You don’t have to be Beyoncé or Serena Williams to achieve [brilliant] things”

One of my favourite quotes, and one that was met with a flutter of laughter and a ripple of nodding heads. The way the two women spoke about achieving success was truly inspired. Being successful does not mean being rich, famous, or even well-known. Achieving brilliant things means achieving the things YOU deem important. Materialising your dreams and turning them into reality.

1. “I wouldn’t trade being a black woman for anything else in the world”

Through a myriad of inspirational quotes, for me, this one really tops the list. Yes, the girls provided a raw and honest recollection of their challenges. They did not cut corners in their description of the difficulties that the young girls could and probably will face throughout their lives and careers. But across the hour, there was always a powerful sense of pride filling the room.

These quotes echoed around my head all evening. I can only imagine the impact they had on the young girls that sat quietly soaking in every word.