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RandJ.pngFilm Night

Romeo + Juliet

Friday 10 June 2022, 8.30pm

Baillie Gifford Big Tent (Festival Village on Wimbledon Common)


Join us for a magical evening as we screen Baz Luhrmann's spectacular Romeo + Juliet

Wimbledon BookFest sees the return of its film night with a screening of the greatest love story ever told, the much loved Baz Luhrmann adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Recently celebrating it's 25th anniversary, the film transports a 21st Century audience to the 16th Century world of Shakespeare – updating the play to the modern suburb of Verona Beach, while still retaining its original dialogue. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes's performances as the star crossed lovers took their careers to another level. With a soundtrack that includes music from Radiohead, Kym Mazelle and Prince, this iconic adaptation made an impact that still resonates strongly in pop culture today.

A night not to be missed!

1996, 12A, Running time: 2hrs