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Switchcraft: Elaine Fox with Sian Williams

Developing a Mindset for Life

Monday 13 June 2022, 6:45 -7:45pm

Robert Graves Tent (Festival Village on Wimbledon Common)


The Oxford University neuroscientist talks to the broadcaster Sian Williams about building mental agility for life and the workplace.

Dr Elaine Fox is one of the world’s leading psychologists and performance coaches and experts on the science of resilience and wellbeing. In her work coaching top athletes, military leaders and business professionals, she has seen that it’s the people who know how and when to switch between different approaches – people who have an agile mind – who achieve the best performance.

Drawing on 25 years of scientific research, Fox shares with us her step-by-step guide to what she calls ‘switchcraft’: the set of skills we need to navigate a complex and uncertain world. Whether it’s coping with a difficult boss, overcoming a fear, dealing with hyperactive children, resolving a dispute with a friend or making a difficult choice about where to live or what to do, 'switchcraft' helps us thrive in any situation and develop a skillset to help navigate a complex world.

Like your own personal life coach, Elaine will share how to break out of a rigid mindset to restore your fulfilment, curiosity and zest for life.

‘...offers real insights in how to cope with the stresses and strains of a post-Covid world.’ Dr Michael Mosley

Event hosted by the broadcaster and former BBC news anchor Sian Williams. Sian is also a writer and psychologist.

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