Book Event


Tristram Hunt

The Radical Potter: Josiah Wedgwood and the Transformation of Britain

Sat 18th September 2021, 4-5pm

Baillie Gifford Tent


Join us for a brilliant event as Tristram Hunt, historian, broadcast journalist and former politician who is now the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, guides us through the lesser-known story of Josiah Wedgwood’s politics and the transformative impact they had on eighteenth-century Britain.

He joins us to discuss his new book The Radical Potter: Josiah Wedgwood and the Transformation of Britain, a spectacular new biography of Josiah Wedgwood, the pioneering English potter, entrepreneur, and beacon of the early Industrial Revolution – who was also an influential radical campaigner. Tristram Hunt calls him ‘the Steve Jobs of the eighteenth century’.

As the Director of the V&A Museum, Tristram will also talk about the place our museums and art galleries have in today’s cultural society and their responsibility in bringing together different traditions and what the future looks like for them in the aftermath of a pandemic.

A copy of The Radical Potter is included per pair of tickets (£25)