Book Event


Johnjoe McFadden

Life Is Simple

In conversation with Stefan Stern

Sunday 19th September 2021, 3-4pm

Robert Graves Tent


‘Original and profound’ Jim Al Khalili

'The most sheerly enjoyable history of science of recent years.' Simon Ings, The Spectator

'A compelling assessment of an idea many of us know but few deeply understand.' John Keogh, Booklist

Locally based author and Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Surrey, Johnjoe McFadden joins us to talk about the role of simplicity in science, and its favourite tool Occam’s Razor.

Life is Simple tells the remarkable story of how this Surrey born thirteenth century monk William Occam’s search for simplicity led to the emergence of the modern world. This rebel and heretic’s theory cut through medieval metaphysics to clear a path for modern science. Many of the key figures of western science such as Galileo, Newton, Darwin and Einstein were inspired by this simplicity principle. By highlighting the very human passion, curiosity, mistakes and struggles of those inspired by Occam’s razor to create the modern world, Johnjoe McFadden will provide the audience with new insight into what science is really about and how this principle is as relevant today as ever.

A pair of tickets includes a copy of Life is Simple (Hb: £25)