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Max Hastings

Operation Pedestal - The Fleet That Battled To Malta 1942

Sunday 13th June 2021, 12noon-1pm

Baillie Gifford Tent


Legendary historian and Fleet Street veteran, Max Hastings, describes this as one of the most extraordinary tales he has ever recounted. Max will bring to life this epic battle that became one of the pivotal moments in WW2. Churchill made a personal decision that at all costs, the ‘island fortress’ must be saved. This was not merely a matter of strategy, but of national prestige, when Britain’s fortunes and morale had fallen to their lowest ebb.

Operation Pedestal is a truly thrilling account of a crucial but little known naval battle when against all the odds and despite great cost to human life, a convoy of British ships succeeded in breaking through enemy lines to relieve Malta under siege from the Luftwaffe and with a population close to starvation.

Ticket price includes at copy of Operation Pedestal (RRP: £25)

Introduced by journalist & writer Stefan Stern.