Book Event


Geoff Norcott

How I Became Right

In conversation with John Kennedy
Thursday 10th June 2021, 7-8pm

Robert Graves


The local born and bred comedian, writer and commentator returns to his roots to discuss his colourful and laugh out loud political journey from left to right.

Geoff should have been Labour through and through. He grew up on a Merton council estate, both of his parents were disabled, and his dad was a Union man. So, how was it that he grew up Labour but now votes Tory?

In his courageously honest and provocative memoir, Geoff unpicks his working-class upbringing and his move to a new place on the political dial. Geoff spent his youth attempting to put out kitchen fires with aerosols and leaping in and out of industrial skips. But as he reached adolescence, his political views began to be influenced by major events including the early 90s recession, the credit crunch, and a chance encounter with John Major – both of whom attended Rutlish School.

'Where Did I Go Right? is sharp, considered, insightful, and helped me make sense of "the other side". And because Geoff Norcott is so funny, it unfortunately means I can't dismiss his views entirely.' Katherine Ryan

Ticket price includes a copy of Where Did I Go Right? How The Left Lost Me (RRP: £14.99)

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