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Patrick Hutchinson - DIGITAL

Everyone Versus Racism: A Letter to My Children

In conversation with Razia Iqbal


LIVE STREAMED: Wednesday 14th October 2020, 7-8pm: £5


'It's not black versus white, it's everyone versus the racists' - Patrick Hutchinson.

Join ‘accidental Black Lives Matter Hero’ Patrick Hutchinson as he discusses his new book, race and the photo that went viral. he is joined by poet Sophia Thakir

Patrick Hutchinson is a gym instructor and Hercules Wimbledon athletics coach, who accidentally shot to fame when the now iconic image of him lifting a white protestor out of danger during a Black Lives Matter protest made its way to newspaper front pages around the world. Everyone Versus Racism: A Letter to My Children is a poignant and heart felt collection of poems and letters, sharing the realities of life as a black man in Britain today. Patrick grounds the writing in his own experiences with discrimination and the advice he wants to give the next generation to help break down barriers and unite everyone against racism.

The work is co-written with the award-winning performance poet and author Sophia Thakur who performs some of her poetry at the event.

This event was filmed at the Last Days of Summer Weekend in September 2020 with a live audience.


Tickets are per user and the event can be viewed from the live streaming time above until 31 October 2020.

This event is sponsored by Marcus Beale Architects