Book Event

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Peter Frankopan

The New Silk Roads

Chaired by Toby Mundy

Saturday 16 March 2019, 1.15-2.15pm

King's College School, Wimbledon (New Concert Hall)

£20 (under 19s £12.50)

Don't miss this opportunty to hear from this international best-selling author and exhilarating popular historian.

When The Silk Roads was published in 2015 it became an instant classic. A major reassessment of world history, it compelled us look at the past from a different perspective. The New Silk Roads brings this story up to date, addressing the present and future of a world that is changing dramatically.

With brilliant insight, Peter Frankopan provides a timely reminder that we live in a world that is profoundly interconnected. In an age of Brexit and Trump, the themes of isolation and fragmentation permeating headlines in the West stand in sharp contrast to what has been happening along the Silk Roads, where the story has instead been about deepening ties and networks cooperation.

Peter Frankopan is Professor of Global History at Oxford University and Director at the Centre for Byzantine Research.

Books will be on sale and the event will be followed by a book signing.

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