Book Event

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The Boy Who Followed His Father to Auschwitz

Jeremy Dronfield & Kurt Kleinmann

Chaired by Robin Lustig

Saturday 5th October 2019, 6-7pm

William Morris Tent


Join us for the unique opportunity to hear from a Holocaust survivor and his biographer about a family’s fight to survive.

The Kleinmanns were an ordinary Austrian- Jewish family living in Vienna, until the Nazis invaded. Quickly, neighbour began to turn on neighbour, and the Kleinmann’s everyday safety was replaced with a new sense of terror. When Gustav was chosen to be transferred to Auschwitz, his son Fritz refused to leave his side. Through the horrors they witnessed and the suffering they endured, there was one constant that kept them going: the love between father and son.

Jeremy Dronfield will be joined by Kurt Kleinmann, the son and brother of Gustav & Fritz and the sole surviving member of the Klienmann family. This promises to be a humbling and unforgettable event.

The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz was named The Times’ best books of 2019.

Books will be on sale and the event will be followed by a book signing.

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