Book Event

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Sudha Bhuchar

Evening Conversations

Sunday 6th October 2019, 6.30pm-7.30pm (followed by Q&A 7.30-8pm)

Robert Graves Gallery


‘You’re the one with an identity crisis Mum, not us!’

A middle-aged, middle-class, multicultural mum with millennial sons...

Bhuchar Boulevard presents this extended monologue directed by Philip Osment. Evening Conversations is a meditation on Sudha Bhuchar’s ‘squeezed middle’ life in Wimbledon, as she navigates family, career and investigates her sense of home after returning to India.

Sudha Bhuchar began her career as part of Tara Arts before setting up Tamasha theatre company and then Bhuchar Boulevard. Their inaugural production, Child of the Divide (2017) set during the partition of India won the Best Stage Production Award at the 2018 Asian Media Awards. The show was presented at Wimbledon BookFest in 2016, before going on a national tour.

The award winning writer Sita Brachmachari will be hosting a Q&A following the performance.