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Open Minds Sessions

Chaired by Leone Ross (University of Roehampton)

Saturday 12th October 2019, 3-4.30pm

Robert Graves Gallery


Seize the opportunity to beef up your intellectual muscles at this free event.

Leading academics from the University of Roehampton offer engaging and fascinating 15-minute taster talks on their specialist subjects. Topics range from desire and its misrepresentations to masculinity in filmmaking and jumping fish and cetaceans.

Fiona Ellis: Desire – what is it?
Has desire been misrepresented and do we need to return Plato and Augustine and Iris Murdoch to get a more satisfactory conception.

Lewis Halsey: Jumping Fish – who gets the most airtime?
Discover the latent power of Britain’s biggest fish, the basking shark, and find out about the best pound for pound jumpers in the world. What are factors that affect how high a dolphin or a fish can jump?

Josh Appignanesi: Film & Masculinity
Josh Appignanesi's films include The Infidel, The New Man and Song of Songs. He also co-wrote All Roads Lead to Rome. He has directed talent including John Malkovich, Tom Hiddleston and David Tennant.



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