Book Event

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Kamal Ahmed

The Life and Times of a Very British Man

Chaired by Robin Lustig

Saturday 12th October 2019, 2-3pm

William Morris Tent


A witty, humane and revealing coming-of-age story about growing up in 1970s Britain as a mixed race young Londoner.

Half English, half Sudanese, Kamal Ahmed he was raised in 1970s London at a time when being mixed-race meant being told to go home, even when you were born just down the road. His book makes the case for a new conversation about race in Britain through personal stories, political analysis and passionate belief in the ultimate good of this country – white, black and brown. It is also a call to recognise that this very British mix is the foundation for Britain as we know it.

Kamal Ahmed is Editorial Director of the BBC and one of Britain’s most respected journalists. He joined the BBC in April 2014 as Business Editor after a twenty-year career in newspapers, including the Guardian, the Observer and the Telegraph.

Books will be on sale and the event will be followed by a book signing.

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