Book Event

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Harry Hill

Matt Millz Stands Up!

Friday 11th October 2019, 5-6pm

Baillie Gifford Big Tent

£15 / £12.50

Comedy gold from a comedy genius

Harry Hill, BAFTA winning entertainer and creator of TV Burp, introduces the latest in his series of comic capers: Matt Millz Stands Up! Matt is finally a star, but he’s been so busy soaking up the showbiz life that he hasn’t written any new jokes. Can Matt save himself from the ultimate heckling humiliation?

Find out as Harry tells the hilarious tale in a family event packed full of heart and humour.

Accompanying adult ticket required.
Suitable for age 7+.
Books will be on sale and the event will be followed by a book signing.

Please note: This event was previously advertised to run on Mon 4th October.

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