Book Event

Raising Sparks (e).jpg

Celebrating Independents: Hidden Voices, Undiscovered Lives

With Ariel Kahn, Marilyn Booth & Deirdre Shanahan

Chaired by Daniel Hahn

Sunday 13th October 2019, 3pm-4pm

Robert Graves Gallery


Marilyn Booth is the 2019 International Man Booker winning translator of Celestial Bodies by Jokha Alharthi (published by the Scottish Sandstone Press), the first novel by an Omani woman to be translated into English, which sheds light on the impact of slavery on the lives and loves of those who experience it. Ariel Kahn’s debut Raising Sparks (Yorkshire based Bluemoose Books) plunges us deep into the lives of young Israelis and Palestinians. Deirdre Shanahan (Bluemoose Books) draws on her experience of the Irish folk tradition to explore how each generation is shaped by the choices and secrets of those who came before them.

This event celebrates these vivid novels and the great work independent publishers do to showcase writing that challenges and enlarges our perceptions.