Book Event

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Beekeeper of Aleppo

Christy Lefteri in conversation with Anita Sethi

Saturday 12th October 2019, 12.15-1.15pm

Robert Graves Gallery


Acclaimed debut novelist discusses how to weave individual tales of loss, love and resilience into a story of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Three years ago, Christy Lefteri, the child of Cypriot refugees, volunteered for Unicef in a refugee centre in Athens. While she was hugely affected by the stories she heard of traumatised people from Syria and Afghanistan, she also realised no one else would tell them. So the tale of Afra, a woman blinded by the explosion that killed her son, and Nuri, her beekeeper husband, formed in her mind. The Beekeeper of Aleppo is a novel of international signi cance which compassionately celebrates the triumph of the human spirit.

Books will be on sale and the event will be followed by a book signing.

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