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adam-rutherford-nathan-lents-(e).jpgAdam Rutherford & Nathan H. Lents

Being Human, Evolution Explained

Sun 7 Oct 2018, 4-5pm

Baille Gifford Big Tent


Two leading scientists Adam Rutherford and Nathan H Lents discuss evolution and what sets humans apart from the animal kingdom as well as the imperfections in our design.

Adam Rutherford casts light on some assumptions we make as humans. We like to think of ourselves as different but are we really anymore special than other animals? He explores how many of the things once considered to be exclusively human are not: we are not the only species that communicates, makes tools, or has sex for reasons oter than procreation.

In contrast, Nathan N Lents gives an illuminating and entertaing tour of the physical imperfections of evolutions greatest creation and the flaws in our design, We have retinas that face backwards, stumps as tails and muscles that attach to nothing. Lents will highlight how each flaw tells a story about our evolutionary history.


Adam Rutherford is a bestelling science writer and broadcaster, including BBC's Inside Science. Nathan H Lents is a biologist based at Columbia University, New York.

Chaired by Toby Mundy, literary agent and Chair of Wimbledon BookFest.


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