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Timandra Harkness (e)Timandra Harkness

Big Data

Tues 10th Oct 2017, 7pm

Baillie Gifford Big Tent


'Harkness raises some very big questions indeed, not just about the grandiose claims of the big data evangelists, but also about how in the age of universal surveillance we can defend the concept of privacy.' - The Herald

What is Big Data, and why should you care?

Big Data knows you better than you know yourself, or so it claims. It can predict what you’ll buy, where you’ll be the victim of crime and when you’ll have a heart attack. But how well do you know Big Data? Demystify the subject with author and comedian Timandra Harkness who provides an irreverent debunking of the hype around Big Data.

Timandra Harkness is a presenter, writer and comedian. She presents BBC Radio 4 series, Future Proofing as well as documentaries, Data, Data Everywhere, Supersense Me & The Singularity. She was resident reporter on Radio 4's social psychology series The Human Zoo. She is a regular speaker at Cheltenham Science Festival, the Institute of Ideas, & the Wellcome Collection, among many others. TedX talk: What Is Knowledge In The Age Of Big Data?

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