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Salman Rushdie (e)Salman Rushdie

In conversation with Razia Iqbal

Sun 8th Oct 2017, 5.30pm

Baillie Gifford Big Tent


‘This is what I love about the arts... artists deal with the biggest issues going - life, death and love.’ Razia Iqbal

The multi-award winning writer and author of Booker winner Midnight’s Children makes a welcome return to Wimbledon to discuss his mesmersing new modern day thriller set against the panorama of American culture and post-Obama politics. Rushdie’s new work, The Golden House, is a novel exploring identity, truth, terror and lies.

Razia Iqbal presents Newshour on the BBC World Service and The World Tonight on Radio 4. She used to be the BBC arts correspondent.

Razia Iqbal (e)

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