Book Event

June Sarpong (e)June Sarpong


Sat 14th Oct 2017, 2.30pm

Baillie Gifford Big Tent


From TV presenter and co-founder of the Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Network, June Sarpong MBE, comes an intelligent and empowering polemic which argues the case for how limited we are by social division while inspiring us to make a change. June Sarpong has enjoyed a 15-year career which has already seen her become one of the most recognizable faces of British television. She has interviewed everyone – from Nelson Mandela to Tony Blair to 50 Cent.

In Diversify, June puts the spotlight on six marginalised groups, including women, those living with disabilities, and the non-cis community, and reveals how a lack of inclusivity limits our economy, our society, and us as individuals. With never-before-published research from Oxford University and inspiring stories from around the globe, Diversify presents six simple and revolutionary steps to overcoming prejudice and reaping the huge rewards – as well as an unshakeable case for change.

Drawing on new case studies – from shared parental leave, to flexible teaching methods, and shared accommodation for pensioners and students – and with hard statistics, Diversify demonstrates how by changing our approach, we can reach our maximum potential, lessen the pressure on the state, and solve some of the most stubborn challenges we face as a society.

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