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Bad books (e)Bad Books

Is There Such a Thing? Chaired by: Stephanie Boland, Prospect Magazine

Andrew Halls, Gemma Malley & Tanya Landman

Thurs 12th Oct 2017, 7.30-8.30pm
William Morris Tent, Festival Site


Andrew Halls, (Headmaster, King’s College School), Gemma Malley (Booktrust), Tanya Landman (Author and member of The Empathy Lab)

Is it right to encourage others to read whatever they like? Andrew Halls has banned certain books from the King’s College School library. Children’s author and Booktrust Director of Communications, Gemma Malley argues all reading should be encouraged. Tanya Landman, author of Buffalo Soldier (Cargnegie Medal 2015), believes literacy is the key tool to improving a child’s empathetic understanding of the world. This promises to be a heated debate on one of the hot topics of our time.

(pic: Andrew Halls, Gemma Malley, Tanya Landman)

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