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2020 Young Writers' Competition: The Secret

All winning entries are published in the book and you can purchase copies for £8.50 plus £3.50 p&p


The theme for the 2020 competition was 'The Secret'.

We had a fantastic response to the competition with a huge increase in entries from previous years. There are 14 winners, (6 Junior and 8 Senior). 18 runners up (7 Junior and 11 Senior) and 101 Highly Commended results (61 Junior and 40 Senior).

Thank you so much to everyone who took part. All winners and runners up are listed below and broken down into Senior and Junior Schools.

The overall winning short story was written by Celia Pereira from Ursuline High School and was entitled The Secret.





Senior School Winners

Peony Loughran, Raynes Park High – Strange is the New Normal
Jack Rees, Rutlish School – The Secret
Shon-Shon De Peyer, Ashcroft Academy – WHAT IS THE LOGIC?
Antonia Beevor, Wimbledon High Senior School – The Bird
Diya Asawa, Marymount International – In All Your Golden Glory
Rowan Osgood, Ursuline High School – The Secret
Charlotte Lasrado, Ursuline High School – Funny Kind of Love

Senior School Runners Up

Eleanor Hetherington, Wimbledon High Senior School – Your Secrets
Joshua Caplan, King’s College Senior School - The Secret
Celeste Mundy, Ricards Lodge – Just Blend In
Finn Wyse, Claremont Fan Court Senior School - The Walker
Paul Straub, Wimbledon College -The Secret of Happiness
Silvia Greco, Kingston Grammar – Nothing.
Millie Doyle, Ibstock Place – My Secret Religion
Patryk Nowicki, Ashcroft Academy – Background Check
Anna Prawer, Graveney School – A Painting
Anita Polizzi, Graveney School – A Secret
Anna Bayly, Wimbledon High Senior School – A Noteworthy Occurrence

Junior School Winners

Ernest Mold, Wimbledon Chase Primary School – The Abyss
Martha Richardson, Links Primary School – The Secret Fairies
Harry O’Hare, King’s College Junior School – The Secret
Ju-Ah Lee, Sacred Heart Primary School – A Tale of Tails
Noah Mattmann, Donhead Preparatory School – My Secret Friend
Keeran Jithendra, King’s College Junior School – The Secret

Junior Runners Up

Chloe Chaudhary, St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School – The Secret
Beatrice Vizor, The Study Prep School – Granny’s Secret
Jack Conn, Hollymount Primary School – The Secret
Beth Gilbert, Merton Park Primary – Tree Treasure
Henry Beer, Sacred Heart Primary School – The Secret Tunnel
James Sykes, Home-schooled – The Secret
Jacob Thornely, Sacred Heart Primary School – 21st Centurion

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